PBN-TECH PBN-BHX BHX – Expert Professional Live Scanning TSCM Detector with Built-In Frequency Meter

  • ELECTRONICALLY SCANS ROOM for hidden wireless microphones and transmitting cameras.
  • Expert detection tool lets you quickly locate hidden devices and identify the surveillance technology being used.
  • Super-fast processor gives you rapid results covering a much wider range of modern bugs.
  • DETECTS RF SIGNALS with a built-in Frequency Meter.
  • Quickly locates devices revealing their frequency band.
  • Great for scanning your hotel room, office, home, meeting room and vehicle.
  • Detection range is up to 16 feet in all directions. When set to Security Mode
  • Light weight of 3.9 oz and compact dimensions 4.1 x 2.3 x 0.7 in.


The Expert frequency detector can be used by individuals or security professionals as an effective tool for simultaneously detection and analysis; identifying devices that emit waves between 10 and 3500 MHz such as GSM 2G 3G 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT frequencies.

The detector packs the latest technologies for even faster and more accurate detection.

It will help you detect electronic devices emitting waves: GPS beacon, wireless micro spy devices, Wi-Fi transmitter, smartphone, tablets and jammer systems.

Detect GSM frequencies upto 50 Metres away & 5 meters for other radio transmissions.

The small form factor of this device allows it to be used for all types of security threat assessments; quick covert assessment, outdoor assessment (GPS).

The Expert TSCM Bug Detector is a complete tool in a tiny form factor.

Specifications – PBN-BHX

Products details PBN-BHX Live Scanning TSCM Detector
Dimensions, mm 105 x 58 x 18,5 (4 x 2,3 x 0,7 in)
Device weight with batteries, kg (3,9 oz)
Power consumption, W 0,6
Frequency range, MHz 10-3500 MHz
Sensitivity, mV / m 50
Dynamic range, dB, up to 70
Detector range effective, m 5 (16,4 ft)
Detection range in guard mode, m 50 (164 ft)
DC supply voltage two batteries AAA type (charge from the 220V main via adapter)
Battery life
  • up to 400 hours for regular battery.
  • up to 500 hours for rechargeable battery.
  • Frequency range detected from 10 to 3500 MHz

o   Frequency detection:

o   GSM 2G / 3G / 4G

o   Wi-Fi

o   Bluetooth

o   Dect

  • 4 signalling modes:

o   Graphic on OLED screen (visual)

o   Sound (2 types of noise) with or without headphones

o   Vibration

o   Silent

  • Detection sensitivity control
  • Filters GSM, 3G, 4G, CDMA and Wi-Fi interference

o   You can turn each of these filters on or off for even more accurate detection.

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