PBN-TECH PBN-DIK Complete Digital Investigation Kit – Unlimited Use


Software tools to Investigate many of the most popular digital devices being used in today’s modern world.

Investigate Cell Phones, Computers and many other types of digital data including tools for social media discovery.

Used by over 800 Investigation Agencies nationwide.

The complete Digital Investigation Kit (PBN-DIK) provides users with a range of Investigation Software which has been widely used by Law Enforcement Agencies since the introduction of Digital Forensics in the last 20 years.

Use trusted tools to perform data extractions from popular devices including iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows based systems.

PBN-DIK provides Investigators with multiple opportunities to put the tools to work across a range of Digital Investigations.

See the table below to see examples of each tools use:

Investigation Tools and Accessories Investigative Uses
iRecovery Stick for iPhone Extract & Investigate Data Sets from i-devices including iPhone & iPad
Phone Recovery Stick for Android Extract & Investigate Data Sets from Android based Phones & Tablets
Sim Card Seizure Extract and Examine Data Sets from all types of SIM Cards
Data Recovery Stick for Windows OS Recover Deleted Files from any Windows OS
Porn Detection Stick for Windows OS Process Digital Devices for illicit Content
Capturra Action Drive 1TB Automatically Duplicate Photo & Video Content from virtually any device. Dual Function – Use for Case File Creations
Voice logger for Windows OS Install Covert Audio Remote Monitoring Application onto any Windows OS
Multiple Cables for Cellphone connectivity Cables including iPhone, USB-C & Micro USB
Sim Card Adapter for Sim Card Seizure Sim Card Adapter and Filing tool ensures you can process any size of Sim Card
Softshell compartmentalized protection case Compartmentalized Safe Storage of all Solutions inside the Softshell Kit

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