Product Highlights:

Pedestal Pro 20”16” Polycarbonate Housing Lando-PC-20×16-E-BLK

  • black polycarbonate, uniform texture and color, 3″ deep back box, 3.5″ overhang at the top tapering to 1.75″ at the bottom, marked surface for easily drilling for holes, EPDM rubber seals, stainless steel hinge, NEMA 4.x
  • Made from interference-free polycarbonate material, this non-proprietary, outdoor-rated, card reader enclosure gives security installers the flexibility to mount multiple access control devices side-by-side on a single pedestal head– such as a long range reader (12″ x 12″) with an intercom door station and camera. This lockable intercom housing is specifically designed for security professionals and incorporate features such as an EPDM rubber seal, stainless steel hinge, sufficient backbox space, a privacy/weather shroud, convenient markings on the surface to idenfity where to drill mounting holes, and more…all in a UV protected weather proof housing. Custom cutouts on the door panels to match your devices can be requested – additional costs and lead times may apply. These are most often used at pedestrian or vehicular access points in parking facilities or gated entries. Works with all kinds of card readers, intercoms, cameras, keypads, and other access control devices.
Weight 18.00 lbs


Mount type


Depth for the mount


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