Polk Audio 65-RT Vanishing RT Series 6.5” In-Wall Rectangular Loudspeaker


Polk Audio 65-RT Vanishing RT Series 6.5” In-Wall Rectangular Loudspeaker

Deliver full-range performance with the Polk Audio 65-RT. This Vanishing RT Series 6.5” In-Wall Rectangular Loudspeaker is equipped with broad coverage and an extra deep well design with a Cassini oval woofer to create dynamics like no other.

A Perfect Match

Made to match the style and décor of their surroundings, the Polk Audio 65-RT fits any setting. Painted to blend in, it is virtually indistinguishable from its surroundings. The wafer-thin sheer-grille magnetically secures and only protrudes 7mm from its surroundings.

Power Port®

Patented bass venting is designed to smoothly allow transitions air flow. This eliminates turbulence and distortion, creating deeper, more efficient bass impact.


This Loudspeaker is compatible with Polk Audio RTi speakers for seamless blending between traditional and built-in speaker systems. Lower tweeter levels also offset reflective surfaces to cut the level in the exact 4-5kHz band where reflectivity destroys sound quality.

Dual Band-Pass Bass Ports

Eliminate “chuffing” for full range blending with broad coverage and deep bass. The Polk Audio 65-RT does this by utilizing smooth funneling for low frequencies around the driver array.

Vanishing Wall

Positioning limitations sometimes demand that loudspeakers be installed closer than 2 feet from side walls, resulting in a potential response bump between 50 and 200Hz. To avoid creating a “boomy” sound from this predicament, the Vanishing Wall Distance Toggle Switch is a custom audio control that adjusts the crossover to flatten response and tune out abrasive kickback, without sacrificing deep bass response. A more lifelike sound and more flexible placement make the Polk Audio 65-RT a must have.

Easy to Install

Perfect fit templates are included along with a precision flange, (available) pre-construction brackets and a patented Rotating Cam. All of this comes together to offer secure, vibration-free installations.

Polk Audio

Expect Great Sound! For more than four decades, Polk Audio has been defining real American Hi-Fi with advanced research and development labs in Baltimore, Maryland. Their selection of patented technologies is a result of hard-won efforts.

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