Polk Audio V60 V Series 6.5” Vanishing High Performance In-Ceiling Speaker


Polk Audio V60 V Series 8” Vanishing High Performance In-Ceiling Speaker

Deliver performance at any volume! The Polk Audio V60 is a V Series Vanishing High Performance In-Ceiling Speaker designed with perfect motor structure, voice coil alignment, and suspension to offer the best sound possible.

Klippel Distortion Optimization

Polk’s new V60 In-Ceiling Speaker comes complete with Klippel Distortion Optimization. This system is equipped with a motor structure perfect for high performance audio. I’s voice coil is aligned with superior suspension giving audiophiles the experience of their life.

Vanishes Before Your Eyes

Virtually invisible, this speaker was made to blend in. A wafer-thin sheer grille allows the Polk Audio V60 to fit into any setting without drawing attention to where it’s located.

Sure Sound

Get true balance with Polk Audio’s exclusive lightweight Dynamic Balance® Polypropylene Cones! These cones deliver spectacular midrange clarity along with punch bass and high efficiency.

Polk Audio

Expect Great Sound! For more than four decades, Polk Audio has been defining real American Hi-Fi with advanced research and development labs in Baltimore, Maryland. Their selection of patented technologies is a result of hard-won efforts.

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