Proficient Audio FDS-8 Protege FDS Triple 8" Subwoofer, Multivoltage


The legacy of innovation and technology from our Sunfire¨ Subwoofers lives on in the new Proficient¨ Protege Subwoofer Series. This new line of Subwoofers focuses on compact power and premium performance, we packed a lot into a small box that can only truly be felt in real life. No sound system is complete without a Subwoofer delivering the booms of an action movie, the rich tones of a jazz solo, and the acoustics of a concert hall. Adding a Proficient Protege Series Subwoofer to a home theater or media room will transform any listening experience.


Main Features
  • Features an active subwoofer for booming & powerful tones
  • Charge your gadgets on the go with the integrated USB port

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