Proficient C1075S Ceiling Speaker with 10" Kevlar Woofer


C1075s Ceiling LCR Speaker

The C1075s is our best LCR ceiling speaker. Its midrange and tweeter are mounted on a panel angled at 15 degrees, so the sound is directed at the listeners even though the speakers are in the ceiling up above the TV screen. Top-quality Kevlar drivers help the C1075s deliver state-of-the-art surround sound.

The ultimate LCR ceiling speaker

The C1075s is the world's best way to get hidden, high-performance home theater sound. It's a powerful three-way design, with a 10-inch Kevlar-cone woofer, a 3-inch Kevlar midrange and a 1-inch aluminum-dome tweeter delivers clear treble with low distortion. The midrange and tweeter are angled, and you can also aim them to direct the sound where you want.

Bass and treble boost/cut switches let you fine-tune the sound however you want. An extremely high sensitivity of 92 dB and robust power handling of 200 watts mean you can use the C1075s with any receiver, from the most expensive in the world to the least. Our PCM-C1000 new construction bracket is included to make the C1075s super-easy to install. Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets.

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