IN STOCK! Proficient FS-10 10" Floor Standing Subwoofer FS10


TUse the FS10 where you want serious bass but can't take up a lot of space. With a longest dimension just over 15 inches, the FS10 can tuck under most end tables. But with its 10-inch driver, 10-inch passive radiator and 250-watt Class D amp, it's powerful enough to anchor a large home theater.

Mid-sized, maximum muscle

We know a lot of people want great bass but don't want to spoil the look of their living room with a big subwoofer. That's why we built the FS10. It's got enough muscle to shake the floor, and enough finesse to please demanding audiophiles, yet it's so small it can go unnoticed even in most bedrooms.

We started with a 10-inch driver that has an extra-wide surround that increases the cone excursion-which means it moves a lot more air and makes a lot more deep bass. A 250-watt RMS Class D amp powers the driver, and a 10-inch passive radiator reinforces the lowest notes. The result is a 10-inch sub with more than +10 dB extra deep bass output than our previous model.

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