Proficient W802 In-Wall Speaker with 8" Graphite Woofer, 1" Pivoting Aluminum Tw


Proficient Audio W802

The W802 sounds so great you won't believe it's an in-wall speaker. It combines a stiff, light graphite-cone woofer with an outstanding aluminum-dome tweeter. The result is incredible bass response—and a speaker you can drive to loud levels with any amplifier. The W802 makes an ideal choice for demanding music listeners.

The W802's super-stiff 8-inch graphite woofer gives you incredible deep bass response down to 28 Hz, half an octave below the lowest note on an upright bass. Our 1-inch, low-distortion aluminum-dome tweeter makes for a perfect match with the big woofer. Switches behind the grille boost the bass and/or treble by +3 dB for fine-tuning.

With 150-watt power handling, the W802 is capable of volumes over 110 dB. Give it all the power you've got and it won't even flinch. And 92 dB sensitivity means the W802 gives you more than 100 dB from just a 10-watt amplifier! A sturdy dogleg mechanism clamps the W802 into a wall with a turn of a few screws. Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets.

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