QNAP TS-453E-8G-US 4-Bay NAS Enclosure


Designed for high flexibility with long-term support, the QNAP TS-453E 4-Bay NAS Enclosure allows you to quickly expand your network storage capacity to support backups, surveillance, virtual machines, and more. Its four 3.5" / 2.5" bays support SATA III drives, which can be configured in RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, or 10 modes to fit your speed and reliability needs. You can boost performance further by installing up to two M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe 3.0 cache drives. Storage can be further increased by attaching expansion enclosures to the two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, each of which can transfer data at up to 10 Gb/s.

This NAS enclosure integrates with your network through two 2.5G Ethernet ports. It uses the QTS 5.0.1 operating system, which features enhanced security, integrated artificial intelligence for image recognition, and support for a variety of applications.

General Features
The TS-453E is powered by a 2 GHz Intel Celeron J6412 quad-core processor, which has a burst frequency of 2.6 GHz, alongside 8GB of onboard memory.
Long-Term Availability
The TS-453E will be available and supported by QNAP for an extended period, up to 2029, making it ideal for MSP, SI, and other IT-related businesses requiring matching NAS models at multiple locations for long-term projects.
USB Connectivity
2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A (10 Gb/s)
2 x USB 2.0 Type-A (480 Mb/s)
Dual 4K HDMI Outputs
Featuring integrated Intel UHD Graphics, the TS-453E supports H.264 hardware decoding and real-time transcoding. Each of the dual HDMI outputs support up to 3840 x 2160 resolution 4K displays at 30 Hz, providing great benefits for applications like surveillance, video production, industrial design, and professional photography.
Intel OpenVINO AI Engine
With integrated Intel OpenVINO AI computing resources, the TS-453E accelerates AI image recognition performance without impacting other applications or services. QNAP AI Core primarily works with the QuMagie application.
The Intel 256-bit AES-NI encryption engine boosts encryption performance while maintaining the confidentiality of NAS data.
QTS 5.0.1
QTS 5.0.1 features an updated system kernel and optimized user interface. That is followed by enhanced security measures to protect your digital assets, improved system performance to streamline your applications, and integrated AI machine learning to strengthen image recognition and drive failure prediction.
Comprehensive Backup & Recovery
PC / Laptop Backup
For Windows, install NetBak Replicator to back up your PC to QNAP NAS. In macOS, just set up the built-in Time Machine to secure your data.
Remote Backup for NAS
Hybrid Backup Sync makes it easy to back up data from a TS-453E to another QNAP NAS or remote server.
VM Backup
Enjoy license-free VMware and Hyper-V VM backup with source-side incremental backup, global deduplication, and recovery compression.
SaaS backup
Safeguard enterprise cloud data by backing up/syncing files, emails, calendars, and contacts from Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 to the NAS.
Cloud Backup for NAS
Hybrid Backup Sync supports mainstream cloud storage for NAS data backup. For backup to object cloud storage, VJBOD Cloud is especially useful to reduce bandwidth usage and backup time.
QuDedup Technology
Hybrid Backup Sync eliminates redundant data at the source and then backs up the deduplicated data, helping to save time and storage costs while providing efficient multi-version backups.
WordPress Backup
Enjoy efficient WordPress backup/restore and site migration by leveraging the user-friendly Multi-Application Recovery Service (MARS), and easily batch backup WordPress files and database to the TS-453E with backup scheduling.
Multi-Version Snapshots
Volume & LUN Snapshots
Take snapshots in seconds and revert the entire volume/LUN back to a specific point in time to prevent loss of important data.
Instantly Restore Snapshots
Snapshot content can be quickly restored to a local NAS, or restored on a folder/file basis to a local/remote NAS or cloud storage. You can also conveniently view and restore snapshots from the client side.
Backup Snapshots
Multiply data protection by backing up snapshot files. Replicate volume/LUN snapshots in the TS-453E to a remote NAS (Snapshot Replica) by copying only the changes made. This helps save time and bandwidth, and can be run manually or on a scheduled basis.
Hosting Virtual Machines & Containers
Virtualization Station
Run multiple Windows, Linux, UNIX, Android, and QuTScloud virtual machines and access them via a web browser or Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Businesses can run virtualized server applications on a single NAS without needing additional physical servers.
Container Station
Experience Docker, LXD, and Kata Containers lightweight virtualization technologies, download apps from the built-in Docker Hub Registry, import/export containers, and create abundant microservices.
Linux Station
Run Linux applications (including apps from the Software Center) directly on the NAS and remotely access the Linux desktop from a web browser. The open-source Linux platform is also ideal for Internet of Things development.
Comprehensive Security & Privilege Settings
myQNAPcloud allows convenient connection to the TS-453E through the internet without any complex DDNS settings. To ensure your remote access service is secure, myQNAPcloud strengthens keys on SSL Certificates to 2048-bits.
Simplified Privilege Settings
The TS-453E supports comprehensive access right settings for shared folders, Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS), LDAP, and Windows ACL to help IT staff efficiently manage user accounts and access rights for multiple NAS systems.
QuFirewall Protection
Supports IPv6, firewall access lists, and GeoIP filtering to restrict access based on geographical locations for higher NAS network security.
A virtual private network (VPN) allows secure access to network resources and services across public networks. QVPN supports creating a VPN client, using the TS-453E as a VPN server, and WireGuard VPN service with an easy-to-use interface for setting up a secure connection.
To facilitate digital transformation, multi-site expansion, and remote working, QuWAN SD-WAN helps automatically mesh multi-site VPN. It features IPsec encryption and cloud-centric management, allowing secure multi-site network including QNAP NAS and VMware ESXi platforms.
Security Counselor
A security portal for the TS-453E to check for weaknesses and offer recommendations for enhancing NAS security. It also integrates anti-virus and anti-malware scanning software.
Malware Remover
Regularly scan your TS-453E using the latest malware definitions. If infected files are detected, they will be immediately removed to ensure NAS data security.
TeamViewer Remote Access
The TeamViewer app enables remote management and connectivity to multiple NAS devices from Windows PCs with a high level of safety, while increasing IT efficiency and end user productivity.

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