Ruckus Wireless 901-T301-US51 Zoneflex T301S 120X30 Deg Outdoor 802.11AC


802.11ac AP with narrow beam antenna for unprecedented directed coverage in high-density applications

The ZoneFlex T301 Series are dual-band 802.11ac outdoor access points (AP) designed explicitly for high density user environments such as stadiums, arenas, train stations, convention centers, and major metro areas.

Offered in either 30 degree narrow beam or 120 degree sectorized antenna versions, the T301 Series are designed for easy installation within an ultra-lightweight and low profile enclosure. The T301 Series is ideal for venue owners looking to quickly and economically deploy Wi-Fi in high-capacity environments. Using directed coverage, the APs can be deployed in close proximity, mitigating co-channel interference. This is critical as high density deployments requiring a large number of APs within a fixed space.

    Environmental Certification



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