Hanwha SPC-2000 System Controller for PTZ Network Cameras


The SPC-2000 Network Controller Joystick from Samsung is a 3D joystick controller for network-based cameras. It can control the pan, tilt, and zoom operations of connected cameras, and it features a 3-axis twist zoom. USB 2.0 and DirectX interfaces offer ease of connectivity. Quick and easy installation allows for a rapid setup, and enhanced system compatibility ensures seamless operation. The Network Controller Joystick can be used with the company's Start SSM Console and SmartViewer software, and it supports NET-i viewer.3D joystick controller for network-based camera controlControls pan, tilt, and zoom operations of camerasRapid setup with quick and easy installationSeamless operation via enhanced system compatibilitySupports Start SSM Console, SmartViewer, or Net-i Viewer softwareOffers ease of connectivity via integrated USB 2.0 and DirectX interfaceNET-i viewer support

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