SDC PSB560V36 Pressure Sense Bar for 36” Door Opening, Dull Aluminum


Product Overview

SDC’s patented SureExit® PSB560 series pressure sense bars are designed to release electromagnetic door locks for uninhibited egress. When slight pressure is applied to the non-latching bar, either of the two redundant solid state pressure sensors are actuated causing the electronics to immediately release the electromagnetic door locks. A third redundant micro switch is automatically activated to release the door if both sensors or the electronics fail. This automatic emergency release switch does not require prior knowledge to find or use. Door operation will continue without the inconvenience of emergency service. The SDC SureExit® is the only tri-fail safe exit bar providing unequaled safety and reliability. Unlike touch sensors, activation may be accomplished while wearing heavy gloves, by the hip through a coat, or using a briefcase. Superior egress safety is provided for frail, disabled or wheelchair confined persons unable to touch the bar and is easily activated by a cane or bump from a walker or wheelchair.

Main Features
  • Reliable pressure sense technology
  • Sensor calibration not required
  • Tri-failsafe
  • Heavy duty aluminum extrusion
  • Metal end caps
  • High traffic use
  • Narrow, low-profile
  • Two outputs
  • Temperature tolerant
  • 10ft, eight conductor cable included
General Information
Name: SDC PSB560V36 Pressure Sense Bar for 36” Door Opening, Dull Aluminum, Security Door Controls
Category: Security Door Controls, Access Control, Egress Devices, Exit Door Bars
UPC Code: 712905826653
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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