Silarius CK-AB201 Heavy Duty Rugged Deep Box

Ruggedness, Reinforced - Silarius CK-AB201 Heavy Duty Deep Box! 
The Silarius CK-AB201 Heavy Duty Rugged Deep Box is the perfect storage solution for any rugged environment. It's crafted from heavy-duty materials and designed to keep your valuables safe, secure, and organized. Whether you need to store tools in a construction site or transport sensitive documents across rough terrain, this box will ensure that items stay put no matter what kind of conditions they're exposed to. With its adjustable lid and reinforced handle, you can trust that your belongings are always protected when stored inside the Silarius CK-AB201 Heavy Duty Rugged Deep Box! 
  • Built with a premium aluminum alloy frame
  • Robust and highly durable construction
  • Shockproof, waterproof and dustresistant up to IP67 standards for maximum protection of your valuables in harsh conditions
  • Equipped with comfortable ergonomic handles, dividers on the inside walls enable organized storage
Black-gray /White/Black Color
SIZE: Ф120*H41MM
Weight: 220g
Material: Metal 

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