Silarius SIL-AP6 Dual Band WIFI6 Ceiling/Wall/Poll Commercial Grade Access Point


SIL-AP6 dual-band WI-FI6 ceiling-mounted AP is a wireless access point that supports the 6th generation Wi-Fi technology 802.11ax.

SIL-AP6 has four built-in professional high-efficiency zero-order resonant antennas, supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax protocol, and has a maximum wireless access rate of 1774Mbps, which can provide faster wireless Internet experience and greater wireless coverage range.

SIL-AP6 can easily meet the best choice for various streaming media applications with high data volume. It can provide high-definition IP video with the best picture quality.

It also supports VoIP and data applications with demanding service quality, and supports intelligent radio frequency, QoS and wireless Seam roaming and other functions.

Gigabit Ethernet port uplink is adopted, which breaks through the limitation of 100M
uplink rate and guarantees wireless high-speed transmission; supports local power
supply and PoE remote power supply, which can be flexibly selected according to the
customer's on-site power supply environment.

With the Silarius series of AC products, it brings users an unprecedented fast experience and safer wireless access.

The product is beautiful and easy to install, and can be adapted to various
installation methods such as ceiling, wall hanging, tripod and pole.

Dual-band Wi-Fi technology
Adopt IEEE 802.11ax protocol standard, the maximum transmission rate can reach
1.8Gbps, use 2.4G and 5G dual radio design, support four independent spatial
streams, and increase the number of terminal access by four times.

Professional high-efficiency zero-order resonant antenna
Built-in 4 professional high-efficiency zero-order resonant antennas based on
metamaterial technology, not only with small size and high efficiency, but also
more stable process optimization, signal coverage without dead angles, and
smoother data transmission.

Gigabit uplink network port
The upstream adopts Gigabit Ethernet interface, which breaks through the
limitation of the traditional 100Mbps rate, so that the wired interface is no longer
the bottleneck of wireless access, and only one network cable is needed for power

Intelligent load balancing
In the case of high-density wireless users, combined with Silarius-series AC
products, through intelligent load balancing based on the number of users, traffic,
and bands, the bandwidth utilization rate is improved, and a more extreme user
Internet experience is provided.

Smart RF anti-interference
Automatically adjust the working channel and transmit power of wireless access
points, and perform real-time detection of surrounding environmental interference,
comprehensively reduce wireless interference, and improve the overall service
quality of wireless networks.

5GHz priority algorithm
Support 5GHz priority algorithm, compatible with multiple devices to maximize the
use of 5GHz high-speed channels, maximize the use of 5GHz band high bandwidth,
and create a top-level Internet experience.

Multiple secure authentication methods
Provides a variety of flexible, easy-to-use and secure user authentication methods,
combined with the Silarius-series AC product portfolio to implement 802.1x,
WeChat and other authentication methods.

VPN remote access
Establish a VPN encrypted tunnel with Silarius-series AC products. Users accessing
the network can directly access the internal network shared resources. The
wireless access point comes with a VPN function, which saves customers' network
deployment and maintenance costs.

Industrial-grade IP53 protection
The whole machine adopts ASA outdoor engineering plastic fully enclosed design,
anti-ash, water-proof and anti-condensation, suitable for outdoor harsh
environment, 2KV lightning protection design, which greatly prolongs the working
life of equipment.

Fat / Fit integration
Supports fat and fit integration, and can be flexibly switched at any time according
to different networking needs. When there is no AC, the AP can work in fat mode
and use it independently for networking. When equipped with AC, the AP can be
switched to fit mode.

Flexible and convenient installation
Supports tripod installation method, therefore it can be used to install the machine
at anytime and anywhere, and supports custom cantilever brackets for more
reliable ceiling installation.

Multi-band seamless roaming
Multiple wireless access points are relayed or networked with the Silarius-series AC
product combination to achieve seamless roaming adaptation in the full Wi-Fi
coverage area, and the mobile Internet cannot be disconnected.

Multi-band Mesh networking
Multiple wireless access points can be cascaded or combined with other
Silarius series wireless access point products to achieve flexible and efficient
multi-band Mesh networking.

Hardware Specifications:
Model SIL-AP6
Interface & Ports One(1) GE PoE/WAN + One(1) GE LAN
Reset Button One(1)
Antenna technology Professional high-efficiency zero-order resonant antennas
Operation Temperature -10~45°C
Storage Temperature -40~70°C
Operation Humanity 10%~90% non-condensing
Storage Temperature 5%~95% non-condensing
Physical Dimension 220*220*35MM
Total Weight 635g
Lightning protection level 2KV
Power supply PoE 802.3af or DC 12V/1.5A
Standby Power Consumption 5.5W
Typical Power Consumption 17.3W
Max. Power Consumption 18.7W

Software Specifications
Model SIL-AP6
Spatial streams 4
2.4GHz Radio 1
5GHz Radio 1
2.4GHz Max. Throughput 573Mbps
5GHz Max. Throughput 1201Mbps
Wi-Fi Max. Associated Clients 128
Wi-Fi Max. Concurrent Clients 64
Working frequency
IEEE 802.11ax/ac/n/a 5 GHz
IEEE 802.11ax/n/b/g 2.4 GHz
Modulation technology
OFDM:BPSK@6/9Mbps, QPSK@12/18Mbps, 16QAM@24Mbps,
DSSS :DBPSK@1Mbps, DQPSK@2Mbps, CCK@5.5/11Mbps
MIMO-OFDM(11ac): MCS 0-9
MIMO-OFDM(11ax): MCS 0-11
Channel adjustment Supports automatic and manual adjustments
Power adjustment Supports RF power adjustments
RF timing ON/OFF Supports periodically turning on or off radio frequency based on time period
Access restrictions Supports Max. access number restrictions
SSID hidden Supports SSID hidden
Load balancing Supports intelligent balancing based on user, traffic and frequency band
Speed limitation Supports STA / SSID / AP-based speed limit
STA related
Supports STA abnormal offline detection, STA aging, STA-based statistics and
status query
Link complete detection Supports link complete detection
Verification method Supports pre-shared key, 802.1x and WeChat authentication, etc.
Black and white list Support static black and white list
User isolation
Supports isolation between SSIDs, automatic VLAN grouping, and user isolation
in specified VLANs
Anti-terminal stickiness
Sense the STA connected to the AP and intelligently guide the STA to access the
best AP
Disable low-speed terminal
Threshold the speed of access terminals, prohibit weak-signal terminals below
a certain speed from accessing, and improve the overall network speed
Optimization of high-density
access scenarios
Support broadcast Probe request response control to optimize high-density
access scenarios
ARP to Unicast
Convert ARP broadcast packets to unicast, reduce broadcast packets and
increase transmission speed
Fat & Fit integration
The AP supports Fat and Fit integration. It can be flexibly switched at any time
according to different networking needs
Tunnel encryption Supports tunnel encryption
Access point VPN
Supports the establishment of encrypted data transmission communication
with Silarius AC. Data accessing enterprise intranet resources is transmitted
through encrypted tunnels, and access to common external network resources
is directly and directly accessible locally

Ordering Information

Model Description
SIL-AP6 - AX1750M Dual Band WIFI6 Ceiling AP wireless access point, supports
802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, one(1) 2.4GHz radio and one(1) 5GHz radios work
simultaneously, four(4) spatial streams, wireless throughput up to 1.8Gbps,
one(1) Gigabit WAN/PoE and one(1) Gigabit Ethernet port, support standard
PoE 802.3at and local power supply.

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