Silarius SIL-TERMALFLSTAND60CM Floor Pole bracket for SIL-FRTEMP ,60CM

Secure your SIL-FRTEMP with the Silarius SIL-TERMALFLSTAND60CM, the perfect pole bracket for a 60CM reach 
The Silarius SIL-TERMALFLSTAND60CM Floor Pole bracket is the perfect companion for your SIL-FRTEMP, 60CM. When combined, they provide a sleek and reliable cooling solution that can be easily adjusted to fit any room size or shape. With its sturdy construction and adjustable height feature, you can rest assured that your equipment will remain safely suspended in even the most demanding environments. This versatile pole bracket provides an elegant yet durable storage option for all of your temperature control needs at home or in the office! 
  • Makin this pole bracket long lasting and suitable for any environment
Floor Pole bracket, 60CM
1x LED light
1x network cable, 1x 12V DC
Stand size: 283(L)x260(W)x600(H)mm
Weight: 5.3Kgs

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