Silarius SILSPA101US Portable Wireless VoIP Adapter


With one FXS port, one LAN port, one WAN port and one USB port, SILSPA101US is a portable wireless VoIP adapter. Is designed for low-port-count applications, such as fax-terminal connectivity, small businesses, SOHO, and residential IP phone applications.

Meet the Demands of SMEs
With the function of FTP server, it can realize the sharing of resources such as files and pictures in LAN. With 1 FXS port and supports T.38, T.30 and G.711 fax standard, SILSPA101US can meet the demands of SMEs to call and fax, no additional purchase costs.
SILSPA101US can make and receive SIP calls, it also supports IP sharing and QoS mechanism. The USB ports can realize file and data sharing.
Broad Compatibility
The SILSPA101US is based on SIP V2 and compatible with most service providers, which brings great convenience when deploying VoIP network.
Easy Management
Equipped with advanced management protocols such as SNMP and TR069, it is easy to achieve unified deployment and centralized management.
  • 1 FXS Port
  • 1 SIP Account
  • 2*10/100 Mbps
  • 1 USB Port
  • AP Mode
  • Support T.38 & T.30

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