Veracity VOR-ORL-XT Outreach Lite XT Outdoor Ethernet Extender


Product Overview

OUTREACH Lite overcomes the distance limits of Ethernet, instantly

Simply connect an OUTREACH Lite in line with the network cable and instantly double its range to 200 metres (656 ft). No set-up or network configuration is required.

Ethernet is the ubiquitous technology for Local Area Network (LAN) installation, and the majority of networks in place
use the 100BASE-T network standards. However, many security installations demand network connections that exceed the maximum 100 metres (328 feet) distance limit for wired Ethernet.

OUTREACH Lite provides an instant solution to this restriction. Simply connect an OUTREACH Lite in line with the network cable adding a Power over Ethernet (POE) injector if required to double the available range to 200 metres (656 feet).

Simple installation
OUTREACH Lite takes advantageof the universal 802.3af POE standard, so it can draw its own power from the network connection. No local power is required, so OUTREACH Lite can be located exactly where it is needed.

If your network switch has POE, simply connect OUTREACH Lite up to 100 metres from the switch, and it will deliver another 100 metres' reach over regular Cat 5e or similar cable (Diagram 1). If POE is not available, the link can easily be upgraded using a low-cost POE injector such as Veracity's OUTSOURCE (Diagram 2). No set-up or network configuration is required, as OUTREACH Lite automatically sets up network speed, duplex and crossover on connection, and does not require an IP or MAC address.

Go further
If POE and network extension beyond 200 metres (656 feet) is required, Veracity's OUTREACH Max may be installed to extend Ethernet and POE to OUTREACH Lite.

For example, a 400 metre (1312 feet) connection between a POE switch and another network device can be achieved
by fitting two OUTREACH Maxes at 100 metre intervals along the cable, followed by an OUTREACH Lite.

Unrestricted network connections up to 2.2 kilometres (1.4 miles) are possible, depending on configuration and POE source. See the OUTREACH MAx x T datasheet, or read Veracity's "Long Range Ethernet Extension" white paper.

No restrictions
BecauseOUTREACHMaxand OUTREACH Lite simply restore the network connection every 100 metres, the full (200Mbit/s) bandwidth of 100BASE-T Ethernet is maintained across the entire link. This maximises performance and transparency, with no risk of a reduced or unpredictable bandwidth, even at distances of several hundred metres or more.

General Information
Name: Veracity VOR-ORL-XT Outreach Lite XT Outdoor Ethernet Extender, Veracity USA, Inc, Veracity
Category: Veracity, Data Communications & Networking, Test Equipment, Telephone Line Testers
UPC Code: 892314002289
Country of Origin: United States. Country of origin is subject to change.

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