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The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) protects critical equipment against outages and every type of power disturbance. This 10kVA online double conversion UPS offers continuous power conditioning in centralized and edge locations. With high power factor (0.9-1.0), it allows more connected loads saving space and costs. This tower/rack mount UPS has a built-in Vertiv RDU101 communications card for remote monitoring to help you make more informed decisions and faster event resolution. With the free Vertiv Power Insight software, you can consolidate your view of up to 100 distributed UPS units providing simple notification of status and events in a single pane of glass. This 208V in/ 208V out single phase UPS has scalable runtime options with matching external battery cabinets to give extra runtime during an outage to support critical equipment. This battery backup is ENERGY STAR 2.0 certified and comes with an intuitive gravity sensing full-color LCD display.

Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS

The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS is an online double conversion UPS solution which offers premium power outage protection and continuous power conditioning in a compact and flexible deployment system. This single-phase UPS operates with high power efficiency is intended for both centralized and edge applications. It provides battery health status and replacement date prediction for intelligent battery health management. The unit includes a rack mounting hardware kit and base for tower installation in open environments. Scalable runtime options with matching external battery cabinets and hot-swappable internal batteries offer additional flexibility when extended uninterrupted power is required.

The 5kVA-10kVA models include pre-installed Vertiv RDU101 SNMP/Webcard, a network management card with security and remote management capabilities that makes systems easy to deploy and simple to manage. With optional Vertiv LIFE Services, data center managers can reduce the risk of unexpected downtime through remote diagnostic and preventive monitoring. Available in capacities from 3kVA to 10kVA in rack and tower configurations, the Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS includes:

  • Three-year comprehensive factory warranty for UPS and battery.
  • Rack/tower convertible systems that are easy to install, configure and operate.
  • High Power Factor up to 1.0 (unity) ensures the connection of more loads and IT equipment.
  • Programmable individual output sockets for optimum battery usage and connected equipment power control.
  • EPA Energy Star® 2.0 certified with high normal operating efficiency and ultimate efficiency with Vertiv’s active eco-mode.
  • User-friendly interface includes color graphic LCD with gravity sensing feature.
  • Integrated power output distribution (POD) and maintenance bypass.

The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS provides online double conversion technology to protect critical equipment against outages. It offers continuous power conditioning to eliminate disturbances such as blackouts, brownouts, saps, surges or noise interference. During an outage, this UPS seamlessly transfers to battery with no interruption in power to supported equipment. Programmable sockets help extend runtime for the most critical loads and smart disconnection of the less critical equipment. Scalable runtime options with matching auto-detection external battery cabinets provide additional flexibility when extended uninterrupted power is required. The auto-detection feature of the external battery cabinet ensures the proper set-up and configuration of the system runtime allowing users to plan critical systems support accurately. Aliquam dignissim magna vel enim dignissim vehicula. Maecenas efficitur urna vitae egestas congue. Nam semper molestie.

Every 5-10kVA Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS includes factory pre-installed Vertiv RDU101 SNMP/Webcard (optional for 3kVA units) to provide remote, SNMP and web UI-based monitoring. With the use of free Vertiv Power Insight software management, data center managers can consolidate their view of UPS systems providing simple notification of status and events in a single pane of glass view of the backup systems. The network card enables SNMP-based management that can maximize uptime, minimize onsite support and keep data secure. It allows remote infrastructure visibility and provide actionable information for continuous availability. Compatible with environmental sensors, it can also monitor heat, humidity and other factors in remote locations.ex odio pulvinar felis, id sodales tellus erat in lectus. Sed at nulla et urna imperdiet venenatis ut bibendum enim. Donec nec massa quam.

The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS is easy to deploy with convertible rack/tower design that offers installation flexibility, and its gravity-sensing, color LCD provides a user-friendly interface for local configuration and management. Setup and configuration is also made easy with auto-detection of external battery cabinets for additional runtime solutions. High efficiency operation of this Energy Star 2.0 certified UPS means you get protection while being energy conscious.Nunc ac purus vel purus sodales feugiat. Donec aliquet et orci vel tincidunt. Cras sit amet facilisis risus, ut interdum libero.


Vertiv offers convenient and cost-effective service solutions for stress-free UPS installation and maintenance. From the standard three-year comprehensive factory warranty for UPS and battery with next-day advanced exchange, to Vertiv LIFE Services that includes remote diagnostic and preventive monitoring from Vertiv experts, Vertiv stands behind every Liebert GXT5 UPS.

The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS is ideal for protecting servers and routers in rack or tower configurations in small offices, network closets and remote locations. A rack mounting hardware kit is included with each unit, as well as a base for tower installation in open environments.


With true online protection, remote management capabilities and full-service support, the Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS provides reliable protection for the unique requirements of retail stores, school districts, government offices, bank branches and other distributed IT applications. Where IT downtime can disrupt business and on-site personnel are unprepared to deal with service issues, the Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS delivers reliable and worry-free power protection. With real-time environmental monitoring and alarm notifications, critical issues can be resolved quickly or even prevented.


When human health and safety is on the line, the demand for speed and reliability of critical IT infrastructure becomes even greater. Healthcare facilities need to ensure that the power systems that support healthcare IT systems are robust enough for 24/7 availability. The government and utility sectors require updated data to make informed decisions during crisis. The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS provides the highest level of utility power conditioning and power protection for critical IT systems.


A smarter, simpler, more self-sufficient edge of the network is converging with broader industry and consumer trends, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and the rollout of 5G networks, to drive powerful, low-latency computing closer to the end-user. The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS provides the reliability and manageability critical edge applications require.

Manufacturer Part Number
Brand Name
Product Series
Product Model
Product Name
GXT5 10000VA 208V UPS
Packaged Quantity
1 Pack
Product Type
Dual Conversion Online UPS
Plug/Connector Type
Receptacle Type
  • Hardwired
  • IEC 60320 C13
  • IEC 60320 C19
Receptacle Detail
  • 4 x IEC 60320 C13
  • 4 x IEC 60320 C19
Transfer Time
0 ns
Single Phase
Load Capacity
10000 VA/10 kW
Input Voltage
230 V AC
Output Voltage
208 V AC
Waveform Type
Pure Sine Wave
Utility (AC) Mode Overload
  • > 150% minimum 200 mS
  • 125 - 150% for 60 seconds
  • 105 - 125% for for 5 minutes
  • ? 105% continuous
Bypass Switch
  • Automatic & Manual
  • Internal
  • Maintenance
Emergency Power OFF
Status Indicators
LED/Full Color Graphic LCD
Serial Port
Modem (RJ-11)
Network (RJ-45)
Modular Slots
1 x Expansion Slot
Battery Characteristics
Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Backup/Run Time (Full Load)
2 Minute
Backup/Run Time (Half Load)
7 Minute
Number of External Battery Cabinets
Backup/Run Time With External Battery Cabinet (Full Load)
7 Minute
Backup/Run Time With External Battery Cabinet (Half Load)
19 Minute
Environmental Sensors
  • Leak Detection Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
Form Factor
Rack Height
Package Contents
  • GXT5 10000VA 208V UPS
  • 4 Post Fixed Rail Kit
  • Tower Stand
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Instruction Manual
Energy Star
Environmentally Friendly
Environmental Certification
  • RoHS
Country of Origin
TAA Compliant
Limited Warranty
3 Year

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