VIVOTEK NS9521 32-Channel Desktop VAST 2-Station NVR, HDD Not Included

  • Support H.265/H.264 Compression Technology
  • 32CH, Expandable up to 64CH

Intuitive UI Design

Custom layout adjustment and fisheye ROI control for better security management experience.

Auto Setup

Easy configuration through a fully automated process, saving users' time and cost to install surveillance devices.

Smart Search II

Allow users to search for objects or people related videos according to the VCA (Video Content Analysis) metadata from camera videos. Users can quickly sort through large amounts of evidence to find precisely what is needed.

Smart VCA Event Search

Support alarm management and event search of VIVOTEK's deep-learning video analytics technology, Smart VCA and Smart 360 VCA. VCA rules and information such as people-tracking frames and motion-detection frames can be shown on live or playback video display. The user can search by single or multiple event types, playback triggered events and then export these search results to video clips.

Cybersecurity Management Solution

Integrate cybersecurity attack events from VIVOTEK cameras and NVR to NS9521 alarm management. In addition to alarm action and notification, NS9521 becomes the central management site to recognize attack trends and status, as well as acquire attack information.

Evidence Lock & Export

Manually extend the retention time for video recordings and manage a high number of investigation scenarios. Easily export multiple video recordings with custom layouts in a specific time period or instant snapshot with a fast click.

2.5D Visualization eMap

Multiple layers and camera FOV views allow users to instantly pinpoint a selected camera and the location on the map.

Data Magnet

Data Magnet enables VIVOTEK's License Plate Recognition cameras or third-party data sources to integrate into NS9521, providing rapid access to recording data and supporting simultaneous data display during live streaming. Additionally, users can also utilize Data Magnet's alarm management to customize alarm triggering rules and actions, enabling users to receive alarm notifications immediately upon preset alarm criteria triggering.

License Plate Recognition Solution

NS9521 can link license plate information with live streaming and recordings via integration with VIVOTEK's License Plate Recognition cameras (such as IB9385-LPR and IB9387-LPR). Users can search and analyze historical data and display the number of recognized license plates data in line graphs, export search results or display live streaming video data from alarm event-triggering cameras when license plate information matches preset alarm criteria.


Main Features
  • Support H.265/H.264 Compression Technology
  • 32CH, Expandable up to 64CH
  • Smart Search II: Powerful Search for Smart Motion Detection
  • Smart VCA: AI Powered Video Analytics
  • Cybersecurity Management Solution
  • Multiple Fisheye Dewarp Modes
  • 2.5D Visualization eMap
  • Evidence Lock & Export
  • Add-on Solutions: Failover, Transportation, Transaction and Data Magent

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