WilsonPRO 1000 50 Ohm Kit - 460242


WilsonPRO 1000C 50 Ohm Includes 1 year WilsonPro Cloud Service Integration (Kit includes 1000C 5-band Amplifier with XDR Technology and an integrated Power supply, 304412- 4G dome Antenna , 314411 - Wide Band Directional Antenna, 859902 - Lightning Surge Protector, 952302 - 2 ft. WILSON400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable, 952300 -100ft. Black WILSON400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable w/ N-Male to N-Male Connector and 952375 - 75 ft. WILSON400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable) Connects to WilsonPro Cloud via an LTE connection through the outside donor antenna, or through a traditional RJ-45 hardwired ethernet connection. Annual WilsonPro Cloud subscription includes wireless LTE connection; no additional internet connection required.

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