WilsonPro 304421 4G Residential Outdoor Omni Cellular Antenna


Get the best signal possible with the 7-5/10 in. tall, white weBoost 304421 4G Residential Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna. Wind-rated to 130 mph and outdoor ready, this is a 75-ohm, F-female omnidirectional antenna with a 90° mounting plate can be mounted on buildings with poles up to 1-5/10 in. diameter; wall hardware is also included. Made from durable, UV-resistant ABS, your antenna won't turn into an eyesore for your building and will give you continuous service throughout the seasons.

  • Compatible with 4G LTE/3G signal boosters & all US cellular carriers
  • Connects to 75Ω cellular phone signal boosters & modems
  • 7.5" x 2.6" dia
  • Vertically polarized & waterproof omnidirectional antenna
  • 75Ω
  • F-female connector
  • High-gain 4G cellular signal output
  • Up to +4dB gain
  • F-female connector
  • Multimount bracket for masts or walls
  • Compact, low visual impact
  • Easy to install at home or office
  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes wall mounting hardware & mounting plate for poles

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