WilsonPro 859907 -10dB 2-Way 50Ω Cellular Signal Tap with N-Female Connectors


The WilsonPro 859907 -10 dB. 2-Way 50 ohm Cellular Signal Tap features N-Female Connectors on both input and outputs. Use this Wilson signal tap for cellular signal distribution to split the amplified signal to multiple inside antennas, thereby providing minimum signal loss throughput on 1 node or for controlling the amount of signal to small and large areas. This tap features low-loss signal throughput on one output and -10 dB on the other.

  • Splits amplified cellular signal with minimum loss
  • Works with 50Ω WilsonPro amps & antennas
  • Covers cellular frequencies 700MHz-2,500MHz
  • Controls signal distribution to small & large areas

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