XPRRDL XProtect Rapid REVIEW Device License


XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an easy to use, powerful software solution that accelerates investigations – allowing security operators and
investigators to find what they are looking for, fast. Designed to enable rapid review, search and analysis of video recordings, this means
you no longer need to spend countless hours behind a screen watching endless footage to locate a specific incident. Once installed,
XProtect Rapid REVIEW is seamlessly integrated into the XProtect Smart Client, XProtect Rapid REVIEW lets you review hours of video in
minutes, and pinpoint people, objects and behaviors of interest immediately. You can then turn that information into evidence, insights
and action.
XProtect Rapid REVIEW can be used with an unlimited number of device licenses. However, if the installation requires more than 200
XProtect Rapid REVIEW device licenses an approval is needed from Milestone to ensure the product fits the needs (1).
XProtect Rapid REVIEW is compatible with the following XProtect VMS products: XProtect Corporate, Expert, Professional+ and Express+. For

a recommendation on minimum system requirements, please visit https://www.milestonesys.com/support/tools-and-references/system-

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